PrintrBot Simple Metal

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My 3D Printer model. It's not supported any more, the company that made them folded in 2018 but appears to be back with new models.[fn:1]

Anyways, it works with Cura, I operate it through OctoPi which works so well in Cura with a plugin. I use OpenScad to programmatically build 3D models, it uses a technique called constructive solid geometry to add, subtract, and manipulate both simple objects and imported STL files. For example, my 3D printed volcano funnel and aball implement home objects using this code environment.

here's how I install it in to the home-manager with my NixGL wrappers in place

lib.mypkgs._3d-printing = [
  (mkNixGLWrapper {name="cura";})
  (mkNixGLWrapper {name="openscad";})

This is Referenced


in "The Complete Computing Environment"

in "Generate a Dynamic Home Manager Configuration"