Picom on EXWM startup

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(provide 'cce/exwm-xcompmgr)

First commit to xcompmgr was in 2003 and there are still people running non-composited X11 environments SMH

(Matthew Garrett on Twitter)

i use picom, a simple X11 compositor that works with EXWM, and have it start after EXWM does. I provide a custom backend to prevent mpv from tearing.1

(defun cce/run-picom ()
  (start-process "picom" " *picom*" "picom" "--backend=glx"))
(add-hook 'exwm-init-hook #'cce/run-picom)

picom comes from home-manager and needs a working NixGL.

services.picom.enable = true;
services.picom.package = (mkNixGLWrapper { name="picom"; });


  1. https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki/FAQ#X11Intel↩︎

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