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This is a pretty common anti-Privacy trope in the industry that I don't think people know about:

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overlaps between Ecology and Privacy.

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Introduces the concept of Ambient Privacy Privacy:

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Privacy can and should be a feature, but if you want it to be "the" feature, I have bad news for developers who want to make rent. Reportedly, the largest implementation of Signal's end to end encryption technology is done on license by Facebook's WhatsApp. Even here, the most successful privacy focused and UX-polished application developers pay rent and eat from advertising revenue collected from an unconsenting audience. A large portion of the technology ecosystem is built on an adtech house of cards that I would like to see knocked down. I have been watching strike forces of FOSS warriors throw their bodies at this problem and break for a generation and we have not learned how to fight more effectively, only how to comprimise our morals and quietly fund our safety through the very systems we aim to tear down, the very system making us unsafe. But I've got mine, a pile of hobbyist-grade small-team python projects that my parents find too janky to use day-to-day, let alone to talk to me with. And they certainly haven't been able to combat the network effects of these vast empires.

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A huge Privacy problem, and a big sign that Informed Consent is a canard. Nominally, everyone who is a victim of this surveillance "opted in", as if they ever could have made a choice. This is an end-run on location privacy in a time where people are becoming more aware of such risks, we should be moving much more quickly than perhaps we are capable of at this point: it's already happening, and only Improving1:

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Seattle has an open Privacy review program for surveillance technology which the city is attempting to implement.

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Along the same Technology Privacy nightmare-lines: Every move you make, Ill be watching you: Privacy implications of the Apple U1 chip and ultra-wideband

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  1. at the intersection of Hutber's Law and Empathy on The Margins we find pervasive location surveillance for Capital's end↩︎