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the art of rally starts you with small, nimble, but ultimately slow classic rally cars. Quick through the turns and stable, a great introduction to throttle control and gear selection.

It takes a long time to learn to go quickly in art of rally, but you're eased in with cars that you and twenty drunk multi-racial Finns could haul out of a ditch in five seconds or less and with competitors who are also finding all the ditches, just focus on getting through the stages and learning the characteristics of the cars. Nearly every one of the cars are fun, and funny, make sure to flip them all to see what Meme is underneath, and try to figure out which real cars each of the art of rally cars is based on. Wikipedia will be your wingman and your guide. The turbo-lag in the "das 119e" for example made it notorious for killing its mid-life married-man drivers, and thus:

It takes a long time to Git Gud, learning new classes was always a step up in difficult and reward. Rally is a dangerous sport, it's clear why Group B was the end of a rocket-ship trajectory of power, technology, speed, and danger. While the FIA's top-class WRC is strictly homologated, and Group A lives on, there are folks out there pushing the boundaries of power in their own ways, asking "will it hoon?" as they drift a monster of a BMW or Ford Fiesta through a crowd. Some folks say that hooniganism's not to be mistaken for or compared to Rally Racing, and frankly I'm not the person to weigh in, i'm just trying to get through Normarkku in the rain. We went from hooning this BMW to nearly always having the das 119e on the road in a week or less.

There are four regions, each consisting of an open-world free-roam with some stages set on there, and stand-alone stages often modeled after famous stages from the regions. The famous mountain touges of Japan's Mount Haruna and the wind mills of Sardenia, etc etc, but beware the tombstones of Germany.

It's not always easy to haul ass, and there are stages and rallies I'd prefer to avoid, but inevitably I'd find myself powering a rainbow colored Lancia through a cheering crowd as the highlights of the soundtrack slam through the sound of the turbocharger, and it'd be fine.

but always, always, always I'd humbled by an unseen bump, a corner read incorrectly, a house I should've seen coming… luckily the crowds mostly get out of the way, and the ones who can't or won't don't have enough pixels to care.

Some of the cars were quite exotic, one of the few Russian rally cars was the "T-22", based on a car called the Lada Samara EVA which was produced in small numbers but never saw real running. It's some lovely space-age soviet stuff, and it goes like a rabbit:

Group A was based on road-cars which were just starting to gain the benefit of computerization, traction control and ABS were available with 800 HP under the hood, to keep the widow count from falling too low. The cars in Art of Rally's group A are the sorts of things you could find on the streets of Seattle today, a hopped up 90s Suburu STI or a Toyota Celica "liftback".

If you ever find yourself charging down Mount Haruna, and Do It For Takumi comes on, make sure you don't miss your braking point. :)

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