Growing and Processing Tea

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I have two Tea plants, Julie and Saint Frank.

Notes from Camellia Shop's FAQ

  • soil pH of 5.5-6.0
  • They like to be moist, never dry and they will not tolerate wet feet.

We suggest planting on a slightly raised planting to help with drainage. Provide a 2-3” mulch with leaves, straw or bark - never rocks or rubber mulch.

  • Use soil destined for azaleas or other camellias
  • Fertilize with Hollytone four times a year
  • Get an organic oil soap to control aphids and mites
  • Don't use a time-release or granular fertilizer because that can cause burning
  • You must feed regularly, once every 7-14 days during growing season.

When planting in containers:

  • Keep roots close to the top of the container
  • make sure there are drain holes
  • fill the very bottom with pebbles so that the drain holes don't clog

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in "The Lion's Rear"

Growing and Processing Tea

in "The Lion's Rear"

Like The Arcology Garden, The Lion's Rear is an attempt to set a mood and scenery, to create and cultivate understandings. This is ultimately a space of growth and of exploration, like the Garden, and a place to make mistakes. Readers should assume good faith, and so should I. It is a place for me to explore the nature of life and reality, to think about philosophies around Tea and Meditation and Buddhism but also to learn about Cascadia Bioregion and the beauty of our seasons and our people, to think about ecosystems and our effects on them, to express purile thoughts around a theory of ecology. I document my Gardening and eventually Growing Tea to be drank.

in "Cascadia Bioregion"

The region is temperate, cool, and gets plenty of rain. Some folks say it's too much, but I love the cold grey, I dream of those foggy days on the sound. Maple trees grow here and other trees show beautiful color in the fall, I can grow Tea1 and keep a garden. There is plenty of fauna and flora, and a lot of diversity.

in "Kyoto Obubu Tea Farm"

In 2018, I visited Japan, and had a chance to tour this Tea farm outside of Kyoto Japan. A beautiful place tucked in to a valley and surrounded by tea fields. They make a bunch of tea, and have great English communications. They also have a Internship Program which introduces folks to Growing and Processing Tea.

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