The Lion's Rear


This website is an artifact a life spent longing to connect with others around the slices of the world that bring me joy. I don't aim to change the world whole-cloth, I aim to allow my friends and family to smile and think about a better world with me. I want to live a just and joyful life and I want to provide aid and resources to causes and people who are just as well.

I aim to be the legs for and aide to the conscience of the people in my world. I aim to be the Lion's rear.

don't bang the drums
don't blow the flute
don't be the head
be the lion's rear

I have spent more time in recent years reading Poetry both old and new, and Baisaƍ the Old Tea Seller is one of those things which bring me joy and sparks my imagination. The world he inhabits leaves me breathless, often envious. How envious I am, of forsaking my meager responsibilities and selling just enough tea to put rice in my stomach. There is a sort of luxurious privilege in being able to devote creative energy towards purely selfish ends, to live a life free of debt or obligation, it's a life I strive for, where I can give myself fully and freely to my community and to create something beautiful in the process.

Like The Arcology Garden, The Lion's Rear is an attempt to set a mood and scenery, to create and cultivate understandings. This is ultimately a space of growth and of exploration, like the Garden, and a place to make mistakes. Readers should assume good faith, and so should I. It is a place for me to explore the nature of life and reality, to think about philosophies around Tea and Meditation and Buddhism but also to learn about Cascadia Bioregion and the beauty of our seasons and our people, to think about ecosystems and our effects on them, to express purile thoughts around a theory of ecology. I document my Gardening and eventually Growing Tea to be drank.

My ethics and my politics and my technology mix freely, all informing the others, and I expect the boundaries between The Arcology Garden and The Lion's Rear to be quite fluid, but in general the Lion's Rear documents work surrounding a few of my life goals:

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Navigating the Arcology is supposed to be a somewhat curated experience. I either send out a direct link to a page, and people can read and explore from there, or they go to one of the index pages like The Arcology Garden, The Complete Computing Environment, or The Lion's Rear. Those index pages are carefully curated, if not to send people on a romp through the respective garden, then to at least not get lost if they go back to that page.