Now This Is Podracing!


(this won't work until the Arcology Media Store is set up, in the meantime click through to the video and imagine I modified it like so: A young Anakin Skywalker sits in the cockpit of his Podracer, hair flying around, yelling; the subtitle is "Now this is hacking!".

If this file is missing, it can be recreated with this Meme Generator script:

export MEMENAME=podracing
export URL=''
export TEXT="Now this is hacking!"
export WIDTH=480
export HEIGHT=$(echo - | awk "{print ${WIDTH} * 9.0 / 16.0}")
export START=15
export DURATION=12
export FPS=10

env ~/meme/

Meme Video Star Wars

This is Referenced


in "Generate a Dynamic Home Manager Configuration"